The problem I am facing is, that the "historical" map has different pipes in terms of orientation as well as separation and I need to digitize them:

screenshot historical map

The historical map contains several pipe networks with specific catchment areas (not sure if these are the correct terms), which need to be drained. So I created a layer with one polygon for each area regarding the orientation and the separation of the pipes. Then instead of clicking every single pipe-line I was thinking about using the symbology of the polygon layer to imply the hundreds of pipes. I was thinking about using groups inside the symbology to adjust the orientation/angle of the hatching. But my main problem so far is with the separation. The separation uses "pts" as input parameter which results in different number of lines when zooming. I would like to use "meters" as an input so the separation stays the same regardless of the zooming factor.

Could this approach generally work and I just have not found the right settings so far or do I need to use a different approach?


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