I have created a simple, 3D city plan in which only the buildings layer is extruded. The other, just plain layers being water and roads.

While editing in QGIS everything looks good, but upon launching the qgis2threejs plugin, the water and the roads look ridged. If I export for web and open the project in any browser, the outcome is the same: everything works but these two layers are not displayed properly.

I have tried changing the size of the map, nothing happens; changing the colour of the layers, nothing happens.

Any thoughts on why would this happen and how to prevent it?

dark blue and grey lines, water and roads

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This is called z-fighting and happens when two planes are directly within each other in 3D space.

Solutions can be either moving the rivers and roads above the terrain by a small offset or turn them into extruded solid objects that protrude above the terrain.

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