In QGIS 3.22.7 I have a large dataset consisting of small square geometries (for reproducibility, a sample of this data can be downloaded from here; the total file size is 9 KB for all of them).

When working with the larger dataset, I cannot zoom out far because the black lines hide the symbology. I have opened the symbology tab for the data and have selected the "graduated" option, as shown below:

enter image description here

This does not fix the black border lines between the shapefiles, however.

How can I set the borders to be the same color as the graduated color within each square?

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Set the Stroke color to Transparent after selecting all the symbols (Strg+A) in the Symbology tab.


Click Ok > Apply > Ok, and get the output


However, you may notice tiny white stripes somewhere in between polygons. To avoid that, use the @symbol_color function instead of the Transparent color (via Data Defines override (expression))


then the symbology will look different



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    Thank so much! This is exactly what I was needing. Jun 24 at 20:58

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