I am having a problem with last part of defining values in geopackage.

I have created relation values based on field values (drop-down values). Last one I want to create, is to make relation based on geometry (intersection with another layer).

I have points layer (imeGC as field I want to be populated), and polygon layer gc (with imeGC as field I want to use values to populate point layer).

So, when I add new point, I want to imeGC field to automatically be populated with values from gc polygon layer, when the point is within (intersects) that layer.

enter image description here

I tried with variations from this answer, but with no luck. I used variation of this code.

intersects($geometry, buffer(geometry(get_feature('node_layer','node_id',current_value('node'))),0.5))

EDIT: I will replicate this also with line layer (Roads), so the code should be applicable to that also.

EDIT 2: The only answer which is near my wanted solution is this code:

array_first(overlay_nearest('LAYER_B',"FIELD_OF_LAYER_B", limit:=1, max_distance:=2))

But with this code, I get the wanted value in brackets:


My next questions are, how to get a value without brackets, and how to limit the results to 3 nearest?

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    If you use QGIS 3.16+ you can use overlay_intersects().
    – MrXsquared
    Jun 30, 2022 at 8:08
  • I tried that, but I do not know how to integrate it with buffer. It works with polygons, but not with lines, when I need buffer.
    – Dean7
    Jun 30, 2022 at 8:13

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Just extract the first array element, e.g. using bracket notation:

overlay_nearest( 'LAYER_B',"FIELD_OF_LAYER_B" )[0]

See the expression description for additional filter and ordering options.

Not sure what you intend to do with the 3 nearest neighbors, but you can add limit:=3 to have the engine retrieve the FIELD_OF_LAYER_B values from the 3 nearest features of each layer in order.

While this expression is favorable for lines, it is likely unwanted for when intersection with a polygon is a required predicate.
Now, you can (and probably want to) add a max_distance value to the above expression to find candidates only in the given proximity (much like with a buffer) for both layers, or just define a different expression for the polygon layer:

overlay_intersects( 'LAYER_B',"FIELD_OF_LAYER_B" )[0]

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