I think this is a really silly question, yet I can't solve it quickly now:

I want to work with this rather large geopackage: https://data.statistik.gv.at/data/OGDEXT_RASTER_1_STATISTIK_AUSTRIA_LAEA_GPKG.zip

Besides not being really sure how to handle such a big geopackage, I (for now) just want to know the columnames. And the columnnames I just want to know to count the rows using this ogrinfo call:

ogrinfo -dialect sqlite -sql "select count(cellcode) as num_cellcode" STATISTIK_AUSTRIA_RASTER_LAEA_3035.gpkg

However, it throws me the error:

      using driver `GPKG' successful.
ERROR 1: In ExecuteSQL(): sqlite3_prepare_v2(select count(code_sdmx) as num_cellcode):
  no such column: code_sdmx

I used the name cellcode as the command: ogrinfo -al STATISTIK_AUSTRIA_RASTER_LAEA_3035.gpkg lists the following:

  cellcode (String) = 100mN27263E47266
  code_sdmx (String) = AT_CRS3035RES100mN2726300E4726600
  code_su (String) = CRS3035RES100mN2726300E4726600
  POLYGON ((4726600 2726300,4726600 2726400,4726700 2726400,4726700 2726300,4726600 2726300))

So my question would be how to get the littel sql-query to run and count the number of rows.

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This GeoPackage contains multiple layers. If you want the count from the l000100 layer, this would be your command:

ogrinfo -dialect sqlite -sql "select count(cellcode) as num_cellcode from l000100" STATISTIK_AUSTRIA_RASTER_LAEA_3035.gpkg
  • thanks!! I missed that there are multiple layers...
    – Lenn
    Jun 28 at 14:40
  • You're welcome! Jun 29 at 7:53

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