I have created a map and imported geolocated pictures. I have no issues with the map in QGIS it self all works great the pop-ups work great.

My issue is when I export the map with qgis2web I get the full size image when I hover or click on the icon. Is there a way to make it display at a reasonable size? at least one that does not crop the picture and the user can see what it is.

Using: QGIS 3.22 with qgis2web 3.16.0 - exporting to leaflet

See samples below:

Image 1 in QGIS no problem 600px width Image 1 in QGIS no problem

Image 2 webmap from qgis2web) original size 2400px (width) Image 2 webmap from qgis2web) original size 2400px (width)

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The guys at qgis2web helped with this bit of info:

Edit the index.html and qgis2web.css as follow:

index.html in the var popupContent the photo features property replace it with this at the end.

.trim() + '" '+ 'class=popupImage' +'>' : '') + '</td>\

qgis2web.css add the following at the end of the file:

.popupImage {
    max-width: 100%;
    max-height: 100%;
.popupImage2 {
    max-width: 50%;
    max-height: 50%;

That was it! It works now! The only issues is that every time I update the map I will have to make the changes again.

enter image description here

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