I want the first column (ID_1) here (see image) to have numbers at the end of the text.

For example:

Column 1: GI_01, GI_02, GI_03 and so on. I used concat expression but it doesn't work at all as you can see in this image. Attribute table_Column 1(ID_1) I also tried to export it to CSV to auto-adjust the column and imported it to QGIS (as points ofcourse). When i tried to merge or join these column attribute table, it comes up with a NULL value or nothing at all.


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Try this expression 'GI_' + lpad($id, 2, 0)

  • Expression is not valid when i try this with field calculator. Can you elaborate more on how to try this expression? Jun 29 at 2:58
  • 'GI_' || lpad($id, 2, 0) or 'GI_' || right('0' || $id, 2) Jun 30 at 7:08

Use @row_number with case:

concat('GI_', case when length(@row_number)<2 then '0' else '' end, @row_number-1)

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