I have two PostgreSQL tables:

1 table name "features" 1 table name material containing material types

In table "features" I have a "material" field set to value relation widget linked to the the material table.

I set the "multiple choice" button on.

Everything works for recording and I get these kind of values as "material":

feature 1 : {wood;metal}
feature 2: {metal;stone;brick}

and so on.

The problem is that when I want to filter my "features" table using the QGIS forms, I can't choose to filter my table using one value like metal or wood. The "contains" option is not available for value relation widget set field or lists (array) fields.

Am I doing something wrong here? Should I set the "material" field as an array field?

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Maybe I am late but I have come across with the same issue and I used the following: "field_name" = '%value%'. It is not recommended as it could match with more than one element expected when values are similar but it works if the values inserted are too different (like in your case: metal, stone, brick).

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