Does anybody know of an equivalent to the Leaflet L.layerGroup in Mapbox GL JS? I can do this in leaflet:

var layerGroup = L.layerGroup().addTo(map);

And then if I want to add, say, a marker to the layer group, I can do

L.marker([50.5, 30.5]).addTo(layerGroup);

The functionality I am really trying to get is the ability to remove and add back these layers. In leaflet you can do

// remove the layer from the map

// re-add the layer to the map

// clear all layers without removing from the map

However in Mapbox GL JS I haven't found a functionality or a plugin that does something similar to this. When you want to add something to the map in Mapbox, you can do .addTo(map), so it seems to me there is probably a feature where you can create a layer group and do .addTo(layerGroup).

It might not be exactly how I envision it here, but right now I have nothing.


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Concept of layer groups was present in predecessor Mapbox JS (see https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox.js/api/v3.3.1/l-layergroup), but was left out in it's successor Mapbox GL JS.

However there's a simple Mapbox plugin for layer groups available at https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-layer-groups. There are no docs, you'll have to look in the code how to use it.

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