During fieldwork I want to select from 1 to up to 70ish species from a list of appr. 400 species.

The value relation widget works fine in both QGIS and QField. This widget gives me the opportunity to "Allow multiple selections" which works fine on shorter lists, but not very convenient with 400 list-items. Also "Use completer" works fine, but only allowing one selection.

I was hoping for a combination of multiple selections and the completer: Start typing the specie, choose from the drop down list, start typing a new specie and choose from the list and continue until all species in that particular location are recorded.

I had a look at How to create a Value Map widget type to select multiple values (checklist) from the dropdown? However, this involves creating my own form (ui-file) which QField don't support AFAIK.

Anyone who knows if this is possible to achieve in QGIS using Autogenerate or Drag and drop designer in Attributes form and/or in QField?

I'm using QGIS 3.26 on Windows 10 and QField 2.1.4 on Android 10.

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It seems it is not possible in QField (and probably not in QGIS either) for time being. Read more at Use the new relation widget when allowMultiple is enabled.

UPDATE QGIS 3.30: Multiselection and Completer is working: https://qgis.org/en/site/forusers/visualchangelog330/index.html#feature-multiple-selections-with-filtering-in-value-relation-widget

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