I have a geodataframe with some bounds and I'd like to open that specifc box from the raster file. Lets say my raster file is name data.tiff so my current code is like:

import rasterio as rio
from rasterio.windows import from_bounds
with rio.open(data.tiff) as data:
    rst = data.read(1, window=from_bounds(bounds['left'], bounds['bot'], bounds['right'], bounds['top']))

But I get the following error:

WindowError: A transform object is required to calculate the window

What should my affine transform be if both the raster and the geodataframe are in the same coordinate system?


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Just pass the raster dataset transform.

with rio.open(data.tiff) as data:
    rst = data.read(1, window=from_bounds(
        bounds['left'], bounds['bot'], bounds['right'], bounds['top'], 

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