I am using Mapbox to visualise my map layers and I've found on https://docs.mapbox.com/help/getting-started/mapbox-data/#map-projections that it states

By default, Mapbox renders maps and map tiles with the popular Web Mercator projection using the EPSG:3857 projected coordinate system (sometimes called EPSG:900913).

Most of my data already comes in a projected coordinate system such as EPSG:29902, so that means it will need to be reprojected to EPSG:3857 in order to be viewable on the Mapbox platform. However, this is where my concern lies ...

What kind of affect is this going to have on volume calculations or distances for example?

  • If the data isn't private, it might be helpful if you gave us some examples. Usually, data doesn't contain distances or volume calculations in and off itself, but I might be missing something. Jul 5 at 14:15


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