I have a simple SpatiaLite geodb loaded in QGIS with one table. There is a POINT geometry field and some alphanumeric fields.

In some cases I can record data about a specific site, but the coordinates are not available at this time and will be retrieved and recorded later.

How do I add features to this layer without adding their geometries?


If the database schema allows so, you can add geometry-less features in QGIS if the layer can be added as a non-geometric layer: SpatiaLite and PostGIS support this functionality if you enable the "show tables without geometry" option in their respective dialogs. Among the "tables without geometry" there will be also a "duplicate" (so to say) of the tables with a geometry field.

Adding the same table as spatial and non-spatial layer

You can add both items for a single table and get two layers for one table.

The non-spatial layer will allow you to add new features (via the + button in the attributes table) where the geom field can be NULL (I repeat, if the database schema allows so):

Adding a new feature with a NULL geometry

Shapefiles don't allow this kind of work-flow as far as I know. It may not be orthodox, but it works and it can be useful in certain cases.

  • I can't see the same layer with and without geometry in QGIS 2.8.1. Anyone can confirm this issue? Jul 16 '15 at 11:39

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