Is there an inverse function of ST_RasterToWorldCoord() in PostGIS (or the underlying GEOS/gdal), which, given the coordinates of a point in the raster's SRS, returns its row and column number?

I searched terms st_worldcoordtoraster and found nothing. I imagine it is not too difficult to write such a conversion function, but just wanted to ask here to avoid reinventing the wheel.

(I'm using the latest PostGIS 3.3 beta)


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That would be ST_WorldToRasterCoord:

record ST_WorldToRasterCoord(raster rast, geometry pt);

record ST_WorldToRasterCoord(raster rast, double precision longitude, double precision latitude);

Returns the upper left corner as column and row given geometric X and Y (longitude and latitude) or a point geometry. [...]


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