is there any way to invert a node selection in QGIS?

For example, I want to extract a small section of a long line - if I select the nodes I want to keep, is there any way to invert that selection so I can delete the unwanted nodes? The only way I can do it in v1.8 is to zoom all the way out, select all the nodes, zoom back in and deselect the ones I want to keep, then hit delete...which is a bit slow going...

Just wondered if there's a quicker way with a tool or keyboard shortcut?

  • I think your existing workflow is the one...
    – Willy
    Dec 10, 2012 at 10:53

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The feature you seek is Invert Feature Selection accessible by the toolbar:

enter image description here

or via the menus, Edit > Select > Invert Feature Selection


The fastest way I think would be to manually select the nodes you want to keep, open the attribute table and then use the keyboard shortcut for Invert Selection function ( CTRL + S ).


The easiest way i know is to select all nodes per hand (maybe with the lasso or a rectangle).

Then you open the attribute-table and click on the following button enter image description here This will switch your current selection to all previously unselected nodes.

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