I am looking at using the HTML widget in a drag n drop form to show a horizontal bar the length of which is based on a field. Not being a programmer of any sort I don't know the html syntax to use - a simple bar would be great but the widget isn't well documented - anyone help?

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The HTML widget accepts HTML language and JavaScript.

To get a value from a layer field, the following JS code is :


To build a simple horizontal bar in HTML (color red, length 75% of the total width of the page) :

<div style='background-color:red; width:75%'>&nbsp;</div>

So, now, we will build HTML with JS by replacing values with JS variables :

<p id="my_bar"></p>
var percent_length = expression.evaluate("\"my_length_field\"") / expression.evaluate("array_max(array_agg(\"my_length_field\"))") * 100;
var color = "#00FF00"
document.getElementById("my_bar").innerHTML = "<div style='background-color:" + color + "; width:" + percent_length + "%'>&nbsp;</div>";

Step-by-step :

  • retrieve the current length from the field "my_length_field" : expression.evaluate("\"my_length_field\"")
  • retrieve the max length value from this same field : expression.evaluate("array_max(array_agg(\"my_length_field\"))")
  • get the current value in percent : @current_value / @max_value * 100
  • store this percent length in a variable : var percent_length =
  • store for more readability the bar color in a variable, here Lime : var color = "#00FF00"
  • build the HTML horizontal bar code with the two variables : "<div style='background-color:" + color + "; width:" + percent_length + "%'>&nbsp;</div>"
  • get the HTML paragraph identified as "my_bar" and replace its (empty) content (innerHTML) with the generated HTML code.

The result will be a Lime (super green) horizontal bar with a length varying between ]0 - 100] % of the width of the form dialog, according to your "my_length_field" value.


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