I created a grid and used it's squares and it has 4 values in attribute table (each square has left, top, bottom, and right values). Every square is a different object. I try to export file from Excel/CSV, while importing in QGIS, its shows points coordinates X filed, Y field and I have (left, top, right, bottom values) 4 points to make it grid (square).

How do I import correctly in QGIS from Excel/CSV?


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You can create a virtual layer from the information in the excel file.

Add the excel or csv file to the map, and MakePolygon using the four corner coordinates:

select MakePolygon( 
                "left",' ',"top",
                "left",' ',"bottom",
                "right",' ',"bottom",
                "right",' ',"top",
                "left",' ',"top",
                ) as geometry, *
from gridexport

Replace gridexport with your table name and set the crs in the dialogue:

enter image description here


Either convert your coordinates to WellKnownText format, or change the layout of your table so each corner of each square has its own row, including a square ID, a point ID and its X and Y coordinates. Duplicate the first point of each square and add it as the fifth.

Your table should look as follows:

Square ID Point ID x y
1 1 0 0
1 2 1 0
1 3 1 1
1 4 0 1
1 5 0 0
2 1 10 10

Then load your csv into QGIS, run points to path and finally convert your lines to polygons.


In MSExcel fill in columns A to H the corner coordinates, in column I the id that identifies the polygon, create in column J field geom, calculate geom with the following formula:

="POLYGON(("&A2&" "&B2&", "&C2&" "&D2&", "&E2&" "&F2&", "&G2&" "&H2&", "&A2&" "&B2&"))"

LLx LLy LRx LRy URx URy ULx ULy id  geom
-2300   -1000   -1400   -1000   -1400   -400    -2300   -400    block1  POLYGON((-2300 -1000, -1400 -1000, -1400 -400, -2300 -400, -2300 -1000))
-1400   -1000   -500    -1000   -500    -400    -1400   -400    block2  POLYGON((-1400 -1000, -500 -1000, -500 -400, -1400 -400, -1400 -1000))

Save as TABseparated textfile, and import as WKT in QGIS: Layer > Add layer > add delimited text layer...

Add your exported text file, select File Format: custom delimiters tab, Geometry Definition: Well Known Text, Geometry Field geom and click add.


Besides the numerous solutions proposed, you could use the Geometry Generator to create the polygons.

If your CSV-file has the following form:


you can load it using QGIS' CSV driver (Select xmin and ymin for xy): enter image description here

Then change the "Simple Marker" styling to "Geometry Generator (Polygon/Multipolygon" and use the following expression to generate your polygons:

 geom_from_wkt( 'POLYGON((' ||
 "xmin"||' '||"ymin"||','||
 "xmax"||' '||"ymin"||','||
 "xmax"||' '||"ymax"||','||
 "xmin"||' '||"ymax"||','||
 "xmin"||' '||"ymin"||','||'))')

With the processiong tool "Geometry by expression" you can save the geometries into a spatial layer.

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