I am trying to open a ArcGIS file browser. And For this, I used IGxDialog interface's DoModalOpen method. To specify what the user can select using a GxDialog browser is based on the filters (GxObjectFilter) held by the object. To browse workspace, I set ObjectFilter to GxFilterWorkspaces. But it allows folders that contains layers/feature classes/raster datasets that is not IGxDatabase or IWorkspace.

        IGxObjectFilter gxObjectFilter = new GxFilterWorkspaces();
        IGxDialog gxDialog = new GxDialog();
        gxDialog.AllowMultiSelect = false;
        gxDialog.Title = title;
        gxDialog.ObjectFilter = gxObjectFilter;
        gxDialog.ButtonCaption = "Open";
        gxDialog.RememberLocation = true;

        IEnumGxObject enumGxObject;
        gxDialog.DoModalOpen(0, out enumGxObject);
        while ((gxObject = enumGxObject.Next()) != null)
            if ((gxObject as IGxDatabase2) != null)
                return gxObject.FullName;


What should I do to select only workspace through this browser? Or is there any other option to browse GIS dataset?

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A folder is also a workspace (e.g. for shapefiles).

I do not think there is a built-in filter for selecting geodatabases (if that's what you mean). You can pretty easily implement IGxObjectFilter yourself, though.

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