I have an atribute field listing biomes as text strings. I need to do some processing in another program that requires biome information in a numeric code. TLDR; every 'Tropical Rainforest' needs to become '4'. I'd prefer to do this by having an extra Biome Codes field since I could feed the program an exported CSV.

Is there any way other than manually typing?

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    Do you have a table with the codes?
    – Mayo
    Commented Jul 17, 2022 at 22:32

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Using the Field Calculator, make a new field set to Whole Number as the data type.

To populate it use a version of the following expression:

   WHEN "biome_name_field" = 'Tropical Rainforest' THEN 4
   WHEN "biome_name_field" = 'Desert' THEN 5
   WHEN "biome_name_field" = 'Tundra' THEN 6

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