I am doing a project in which i am required to create GTFS. I look at transit google developer forum which provide a format to create feed but that completely have to done by hand (we have to write text files), i was looking for a software that can help in this matter.

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Since this question was tagged with Java, I'd put my weight behind Conveyal's gtfs-editor, a webapp which runs on Java via the Play framework. It's pretty easy to get going if you're familiar with CLI.



You can look in the Other GTFS tools section from the old "googletransitdatafeed" on Google code.


Another option is the service provided by AddTransit (http://addtransit.com), of which I am the manager of.

AddTransit has web based software that assists in creating the GTFS Feeds or the AddTransit team can do it for you. The web based software also supports Real Time feeds and vehicle positioning as well.


GTFS editor - www.mobilibus.com.br Create acount - http://editor.mobilibus.com/create-account.html

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