I have a DWF file (Boundary.kmz) from a client, which shows the boundary (and points) of a property.

I want to convert this DWF file to KML to view correctly in Google Earth.

I can open the DWF file in QGIS (3.24.2-Tisler) - but the file has an unknown coordinate reference system (CRS). When I try and set the CRS to WGS84 it is still wrong.

I have a reference location point, which is in the correct place. (Boundary.kmz). The CRS for this file is WGS84 - EPSG:4326. However, I cannot get the Boundary.dwf entities (lines and points) to align with this reference location point.

I have spent about 3 hours on trying to get the Boundary.dwf. I've tried multiple different approaches, including downloading a trial version of AutoCAD to try and resave the .dwf file as something else.

How can I generate a KML?


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Boundary.kmz is good. boundary.dwf is not good. Coordinates are not right. Not even close. 1656096_Regulation42_A1_v6_WG27.pdf is good. Use point list with a LO27 coordinate system, like EPSG:22287 or EPSG:2052. X and Y are Westings and Southings. enter image description here

Here's what I get in QGIS. "TSF No 4&5" lands in same area as point coordinates from PDF. enter image description here

Another view here: enter image description here

  • Tried that, added both of those coordinate systems to the points entity, and they just get moved way off. imgur.com/a/x1MCWSK
    – user71215
    Jul 22, 2022 at 13:52
  • I just edited my answer to show you that the KMZ does fall in with point coordinates from the PDF. I used EPSG:22287.
    – Pointdump
    Jul 22, 2022 at 14:28

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