I would like to create a dot map in R.

I have a shapefile called shp:

And a csv file called sch

and a water shapefile called water_shp

I gave that code

map <- inner_join(sch,shp,by="Region")
map = st_as_sf(map)

tm_shape(map) +
  tm_borders("grey", lwd = 1.25)  +
  tm_fill("ratio",style = "cont", legend.reverse = TRUE, title = "fertility ratio") 

But I can not add dot points in the map, which show the size of SEP? How can I do that?

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Using nc sample data:


I think what you are trying to do is fill according to one attribute and then scale a dot based on another attribute. Use tm_bubbles for the dots:

tm_shape(nc) + tm_fill("NWBIR74") +  tm_bubbles(size="SID79")

enter image description here

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