I recently started playing around with the plotly.express library for making choropleth maps. I've been able to create one just fine using a GeoJSON of a state's census tracts and a Pandas dataframe, however, I'd like to add another "layer" on top of the census tracts to show where municipal boundaries are (I have a GeoJSON for this as well). I haven't been able to find a walkthrough/guide where someone does something like this, and I haven't been able to figure out much from the plotly documentation.

Here's my code for the main choropleth plot:

fig = px.choropleth(
    geojson= Tracts,
    locations= df['TRACTCE10'],
    color= df['someVariable'],
    featureidkey= 'properties.tractce10',

fig.update_geos(fitbounds="locations", visible=True)

Any advice or links to a possible solution?


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