Current projectionI'm using leaflet in my current project. As a map sourse Leaflet consumes json-file with coordinates in WGS84 EPSG 4326.

import regionsGJ from './geojson/geojson_wgs84.js'
import districtsGJ from './geojson/geojson_district.js'
import { LMap, LGeoJson, LCircleMarker } from 'vue2-leaflet'

export default {
  name: 'LeafletMap',
  components: {
  data () {
    return {
      map: undefined,
      zoom: 3,
      center: [65.9034, 89.4203],
      fillColor: '#9aabff',
      orderFillColor: '#3f60ff',
      districts: Object.freeze(districtsGJ),
      options: {
        zoomControl: false,
        zoomDelta: 0.25,
        zoomSnap: 0,
        maxZoom: 7,
        minZoom: 2.25

    type: 'FeatureCollection', name: 'geojson_wgs84', crs: { type: 'name', properties: { name: 'urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:1.3:CRS84' } }, features: [{ type: 'Feature', properties: { Name: 'Adygea', icon: null, enName: 'The Republic of Adygea', fullName: 'Republic Adygea', guid: null, id: 1, created: '2015-04-20T13:08:26', geoCode: 'RU-AD' }, geometry: { type: 'Polygon', coordinates: [[[39.690642582355224, 45.190079106147344], 

I need to change the appearance of the map - show it in another projection. What steps I have to produce? Do I need to convert existing json-file to another CRS? Should it be strictly with lot/lang coordinates or Leaflet can work with projected coordiantes (like meters etc)? Or maybe it is possible to change some settings in Leaflet to change map's appearance?

Desired projection



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