I have a set of points I would like to retrieve the slope or aspect from within a Jupyter notebook. I am using an enterprise geoportal server, and when I view the (Esri Living Atlas) Aspect or Slope image layers, I can easily see values for any point I click on.

How I can do this from Python?

What I would typically do for similar layers (with a single example point) is something like this:

item_id = "63fe6ad86c3d4536a3c44a0fbad0045e" #item id for aspect layer from Living Atlas
aspect = GIS.content.get(item_id)

pnt = {'x': -120.01072748799995,
 'y': 38.85096736000008,
 'spatialReference': {'wkid': 4326, 'latestWkid': 4326}}


But all I am getting is the elevation! My result for the above code is:

[{'location': {'x': -120.01072748799994,
   'y': 38.85096736000008,
   'spatialReference': {'wkid': 4326, 'latestWkid': 4326}},
  'locationId': 0,
  'value': '1970.710205078',
  'rasterId': 3740,
  'resolution': 3.086419871794868e-05,
  'values': [1970.710205078]}]

What I would like to get is the aspect (and slope) similar to the result in the webmap image below.

Note: I am using ArcGIS version 1.6.2

From ESRI Geoportal's web map


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