I am looking for percentage of cloud cover in my study region from landsat images. Here is the code I have got so far:

    def cloudcover(image):
        value = image.get("CLOUD_COVER_LAND")
        return image.addBands(value)

    collection = ee.ImageCollection('LANDSAT/LC08/C02/T1_L2') \
    .map(cloudcover) \
    .select("CLOUD_COVER_LAND") \
    listOfPoints = ee.FeatureCollection(points)
    col_med = collection.median()
    #extract values
    geemap.extract_values_to_points(listOfPoints, col_med, out_csv, scale= 30, crs = 'EPSG:4326')

But I keep getting this error:

EEException: reduce.median: Error in map(ID=LC08_166053_20180115): Image.addBands: Parameter 'srcImg' is required.

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When getting properties from an image of feature you typically have to cast it to the correct type before using it, or get it as the expected type directly:

value = image.getNumber("CLOUD_COVER_LAND")


value = ee.Number(image.get("CLOUD_COVER_LAND"))

  • After applying the suggestions, I get following error: EEException: reduce.median: Error in map(ID=LC08_166053_20180115): Image.select: Pattern 'CLOUD_COVER_LAND' did not match any bands.
    – coder_001
    Jul 28 at 20:04
  • 1
    Explicitly turn the cloud cover to an image and rename it: ee.Image(image.getNumber("CLOUD_COVER_LAND")).rename('CLOUD_COVER_LAND') Jul 29 at 13:32
  • I get this error: EEException: Expected a homogeneous image collection, but an image with an incompatible band was encountered. Mismatched type for band 'CLOUD_COVER_LAND'. This band might require an explicit cast. But as you also pointed out, I think explicitly renaming and defining the data type is the main cause of error. So, I modified your suggestion into following and no longer get the error: value = image.getNumber("CLOUD_COVER_LAND") and new_value = ee.Image(value).toDouble().rename('clouds')
    – coder_001
    Jul 30 at 8:48

So, basically explicitly renaming the value to a completely different string other than the original name and defining the data type helped

    def cloudscore (image):
        value = image.getNumber("CLOUD_COVER_LAND")
        new_value = ee.Image(value).toDouble().rename('clouds')
        return image.addBands(new_value)

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