I am using a Trimble Geo7x to map debris flows, and when I attempt to run the differential correction wizard it is unable to "transfer files" and "download files." The image below displays the issue.enter image description here

Additionally, since I have been unable to correct the points, I have attempted to export the un-corrected data as a shapefile. This has been unsuccessful as well. The tool says that my features are unable to be exported, because they do not have positions.

I am wondering if there is anyway to fix these issues in Pathfinder Office, or is the data itself corrupted possibly due to issues with the Trimble device itself?


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This has happened to me on several occasions. Two possible explanations are:

  1. As the link suggests in @Mapperz comment - the correction files are not yet available for download. Wait and try later.
  2. Sometimes I find it necessary to update the provider list and start the correction over from the beginning.

enter image description here


Ah, this pestering problem has started again with the 'Update List' trick mentioned in my previous answer not working.

This time the solution was to:

  1. Enter the web path of the un-downloadable file into a web browser.
    enter image description here

2.This took me to a website called Earth Scope where I was prompted to make an account. After making the account I was able to download the correction files.

3.Finally, I was able to make the correction using the correct from downloaded file feature in Pathfinder Office.

enter image description here

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