I am trying to extract values from raster for fuzzy membership function and I get this error every time in ArcGIS Pro.

Before this, I have interpolated the rasters with spline interpolation, so it looks like on the screenshot below.

Though after typing the expression as can be seen on the screenshot, i get this error. What is wrong with my expression? I need a range of values between 10 and 40.

Spline Interpolation values error

Raster Calculator Error in Expression

The raster is there. But ArcGIS says it cannot open it

  • Nothing is wrong with the expression. LOOK at your error message it clearly refers to a layer called soilarea being used as a mask, suggest you clear that?
    – Hornbydd
    Aug 1 at 13:05
  • @Hornbydd, the raster is there. I just edited the post, to show on screenshot that it's there.
    – zelli
    Aug 1 at 13:22
  • Its saying its a mask error so you must have set it in the environment settings of the tool?
    – Hornbydd
    Aug 1 at 13:39
  • i did set it in the Environments Tab.
    – zelli
    Aug 1 at 14:11

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I just needed to remove the layer and add it again, it was somehow stuck, so I refreshed in the Catalog and added again into the Contents Pane and updated it in the Environments Tab.

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