I could use some assistance creating a calculation that just simply pulls attribution from a field in one feature class, and populates the edited result into another feature class's table. For example:

We have a streets layer named 'Streets' with a field [StreetName]. When that table gets edited, the result should ideally just get updated in the other layer named 'New_Streets', but in a field called [NAME]. If these fields are in the same table - it works okay using this code:

var features = $feature.NAME

if ("$feature.StreetName" == "Null") {return false}

return features

I would like to be able to do this using two layers in the same geodatabase.

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You have not provided enough detail about the relationship of your layer Streets to New_Streets, thus I have to make an assumption that New_Streets is a copy of Streets. I say this as the solution I offer below requires a one-to-one match with the ObjectID field, so row 1000 in Streets is the same street as row 1000 in New_Streets.

So your data should look as below:

Input data

For this attribute rule to work you need to set an immediate calculation to trigger on UPDATE for the Street layer. I show the setting of the rule below:


The expression is this:

// Get updated name and ObjectID
var updatedName = $feature.StreetName;
var OID = $feature.OBJECTID;

// create a dictionary that holds the instructions to update New_Streets
var resultDict = {'edit':[{'className': 'New_Streets','updates':[{'objectID':OID,'attributes':{'Name':updatedName}}]}]};

// Returning dictionary executes update
return resultDict;

Note: for some reason I had to enable GlobalID for it to work.

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