I have a raster that is input into a model which generates outputs in a CSV format (Lon, Lat, Z value). The Lon and Lat are the centroids of the original raster's pixels. I want to use these centroids to create a new raster containing the Z value that perfectly matches the pixel size/grid of the original. Looking for a way to do this with QGIS/GDAL.

Below is a screenshot of my two files, the centroids (green) and the original raster beneath it:

centroids file on top of original raster

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You can just use the QGIS Translate processing tool or gdal_translate as GDAL (and therefore QGIS) directly read rasters in X,Y,Z format.

Note, the file has to be sorted correctly (by Y, then X):

Cells with same Y coordinates must be placed on consecutive lines. For a same Y coordinate value, the lines in the dataset must be organized by increasing X values. The value of the Y coordinate can increase or decrease however.

See also this answer: Convert huge XYZ CSV to GeoTIFF

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