When I have created a query in the DBManager window of QGIS I want to save it as a view. When I click on the Create a view button, I'm then prompted for a name.

This is all fine, but I want to create my view in a schema - so I type general.view_1 in the name box. This doesn't create a view called view_ in the general schema but a view called general.view_1 in the public schema.

Is this a bug? a feature? or am I missing something obvious?

  • You can try putting general as the 1st schema in your PG user search path.
    – JGH
    Aug 3 at 14:23

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  1. You can manually move the view using Menu Table > Move to Schema ...


  2. Create the view directy in the correct schema defining it in the query like create view general.view1 as SELECT ...

  • I know I can fix it after, but I'd like it to go to my prefered location directly from the create view button
    – Ian Turton
    Aug 3 at 13:48
  • Well, then probably the second option to directly create the view with the query seems to be the only option. The Create a view button indeed does not allow to enter a schema, just a name for the view which is then saved by default to the public schema.
    – Babel
    Aug 3 at 14:05

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