I made two layers for heat stress (PET) and flooding risk. I normalized both maps into a 0-100 scale. The number 0 means a low heat stress/flooding risk and 100 is a high heat stress/flooding risk.

To show which areas are in most need of green infrastructure, I need a combined map of these two layers. Does someone have an idea how I can combine these layers (still normalized?)

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Sorry the values here are not right. The values differ per neighbourhood.. Aug 3, 2022 at 11:45
  • Are you asking how to join attributes by location?
    – Erik
    Aug 3, 2022 at 11:53
  • or do you want a bivariate map? artlembo.com/post/…
    – Ian Turton
    Aug 3, 2022 at 15:35

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Seems to be two tasks here: first combine the attributes from two layers into a single layer, and then do whatever needs doing to the heat and flood attributes to compute a new standardised value.

For the first part, assuming the polygon geometries originally come from exactly the same file, use "Join attributes by location" on "equal" polygons. My test data has a "heat" layer and a "flood" layer:

enter image description here

The resulting "Joined layer" has attributes from both:

enter image description here

Then you can compute your combined index, naively maybe by using ("FLOOD" + "HEIGHT") / 2, or with a more complex expression if you want to normalise between 0 and 100.


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