I'm am sorry for that beginner question.
To start the calculation of a spatial auto-correlation value, the book I'm reading writes that we will starting to construct a contiguity matrix.

enter image description here

Looking at it, it looks really like the adjacency matrix I've learned about, years ago...

But are they the same?

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An online comparer has this for "contiguous":

  • The state of being adjacent or contiguous; contiguity; as, the adjacency of lands or buildings.

I'd say "adjacent" was the normal spoken English word, and "contiguous" is just a bit technical. "Adjacent" can often mean "very close" and not necessarily "sharing a border". For example, "he was sitting at an adjacent table" means at the next nearest table, not that the tables were contiguous.

But in GIS-talk about matrices and polygons, contiguous = adjacent = contiguous.

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