There was this question for 2012 (ten years ago!), but all the answers seem outdated and not working anymore: How to determine the date of the Bing imagery for an area?

Is there any way to find the date of an orthophotography (aerial image) in 2022?

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Let's say you are browsing bing.com maps. If you enable the developer tools in your browser, you can find the x-ve-tilemeta-capturedatesrange tag in the response headers with a tile date ranges.

Example: https://t.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/a1211200122213300102.jpeg?g=13104&n=z&prx=1

Headers: x-ve-tilemeta-capturedatesrange 8/18/2014-8/18/2014


Using the Bing Map Metadata service https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/bingmaps/rest-services/imagery/imagery-metadata

It is possible to use vintageEnd this is the latest date found in an imagery set or for a specific imagery tile.

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