enter image description hereI have many point features and polygons, The point file contains names of the POIs, what I want to do is, through spatial join I want to extract the names from the point file to the polygon, the only problem is that there are many instances in which there are 3 points inside a single polygon and by doing 'One to Many', the algorithm is making duplicates of the polygons and storing each in those duplicates, I want to populate a single field or different fields but only in one single feature. So if there are 2 or 3 points falling under one polygon I wish to have names like:

Name 1: A  
Name 2: B   
Name 3: C   
or Name: A,B,C. 
  • Just set the merge rule to join in the output field that will hold then names. That's in the field mapping parameter of the tool.
    – Hornbydd
    Aug 5 at 16:45


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