I have a function that creates a new layer and display the features. I can call this function some times to create a new layers with own features. Problem is that the features are not visible if I create a two layers immediately:


 drawPointLayer(layer: LayerNode) {
    const { id } = layer;

    if (!this.vectorLayers.has(id)) {
      let { icon, zIndex } = layer;
      const layerConfig = this.getLayerConfig(id);

      this.sourcePolygon = new VectorSource({
        format: new GeoJSONOl(),
        loader: (extent: Extent, resolution: number, projection) => {
          const url =
            this.configService.config.backendurl + `tile?layers=${id}`;
            .get(url, { withCredentials: true })
            .subscribe((response) => {
              for (const [, geojson] of Object.entries(response)) {
                const geoJSONFormat = new GeoJSONOl();
                const features = geoJSONFormat.readFeatures(geojson);
        strategy: bboxStrategy,

      this.sourcePolygon.on('addfeature', (e: VectorSourceEvent) =>
        addfeatureCallback(e.feature, layer, layerConfig)

      const clusterSource = new Cluster({
        distance: this.configService.config.distanceCluster ?? 100,
        source: this.sourcePolygon,

      const clusterVector = new VectorLayer({
        source: clusterSource,
        style: (feature) =>
          styleIconFeatureFunction(feature, icon, {}, this.baseHref),

      if (zIndex) clusterVector.setZIndex(zIndex);
      this.pointLayersSource.set(layer, this.sourcePolygon);
      this.addVectorLayer(id, clusterVector);

But it works if I create the layers one by one. I think problem in zindex, how to fit it?

I have tried to set different zindez for all layers:

1 => 200
2 => 201

if (zIndex) clusterVector.setZIndex(zIndex);

But there is not effect


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