I have a WMTS source in our country https://geoportal.asig.gov.al/service/wmts

I am able to create a store with that and read all the layers of WMTS service, but when i publish the layer, i can't get a layer preview, it gives me this error

enter image description here

I tried this in 32bit and 64 bit java environment using Tomcat as web server hosting GeoServer (2.18 and 2.21 also). I can't further use this cascaded layer anymore because of this error.

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From some quick experiments it seems that the "proxy" they have infront of their GeoServer doesn't understand how to un-urlencode a URL and thinks that the encoding is "malicious".

I've created an enhancement request to provide a flag to turn this behaviour off but it may be quicker to talk to the provider if you speak Albanian, and ask them to fix their proxy.


Actually on further study it seems that that the KVP path through the tile request mechanism is double encoding parts of the URL.

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