I have a raster that presents a combination of land use classification and slope. e.g. a pixel value might stand for "shrub land <10% slope" or "forest 10-20% slope". I'm having an issue where a texture of vertical artifacts was baked into this raster earlier steps in my workflow, to which I unfortunately can't return to repair anything. A screenshot of the artifacts is attached.

As you can see, a region that is generally "forest 10-20% slope" might be crossed here and there by a N-S line of pixels that are one tier of slope higher or lower.

I would like to apply a "filter" to this raster whereby a pixel's value is changed as a function of the pixel's neighbors in the its Moore neighborhood, giving a low weight to the pixels to its immediate North and South. Essentially, I would like to "blur" or "smooth" this raster preferentially in the E-W direction, in the hopes that this will diminish these artifacts. My instinct is to do this in Python, but I've never been faced with a problem like this before and am not experienced in modifying rasters.

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