I created the attribute table of raster data in ArcMap software. There is a field that I added in the attribute table that I created. I can reclassify the image using the field I added to the image's attribute table in ArcMap software (I do it from Layer Properties ---> Symbology --> classified --> Fields --> Value). I opened this image in QGIS software, the attribute table I created was also opened. How can I classify the image in QGIS software according to the additional field I created in the image's attribute table?

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    symbology is not normally stored in a raster
    – Ian Turton
    Aug 6 at 10:21

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Use the plugin raster attribute table. It does what you need I think: https://github.com/noaa-ocs-hydrography/qgis-raster-attribute-table-plugin

  • thank you for replying.
    – emre
    Aug 9 at 19:00

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