I'm using ArcPy to get the current aprx, active map, then to create an empty metadata object, and populate it with values from a fGDB table, but I cant copy and save it back to the read only map metadata object.

I'm using the metadata object as documented at Metadata in the ArcGIS Pro Online Help.

m = aprx.activeMap
m.name = Title  #set the map elements name to the same as the title

# create empty metadata object and populate it with our varibles
new_md = md.Metadata()
new_md.title = 'Title'
new_md.tags = 'Tag1, Tag2'
new_md.summary = 'Summary'
new_md.description = 'Description'
new_md.credits = 'My Credits'
activemap_metadata = md.Metadata(m) #the metadata object for the active map

if activemap_metadata.isReadOnly:
        arcpy.AddMessage("the metadata object for the active map is read only")

I'm open to ideas

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Replace the line:

activemap_metadata = md.Metadata(m)

with the line:

activemap_metadata = m.metadata


This works; @Brennan

    m = aprx.activeMap
    m.name = Title                                  
    map_metadata = m.metadata                        
    map_metadata.title = Title
    map_metadata.summary = Summary       
    map_metadata.description = Description
    map_metadata.tags = Tag
    map_metadata.credits = Credits
    map_metadata.accessConstraints = Terms

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