Did anyone ingested the DGN (all versions) to Oracle Spatial?


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@Rao, ogr2ogr can do this (at least, the OGR formats page shows both Microstation DGN as well as Oracle Spatial); however, you'll need a GDAL/OGR installation that includes support for Oracle. If you're using Windows, you should find everything you need on Tamas Szekeres site, otherwise check here and look for an OS-specific approach to installing GDAL.

Presumably, your ogr2ogr instruction should look something like this (based on a quick look at the documentation):

ogr2ogr -nlt "geometry" -f OCI OCI:username/password@database samp4.dgn

Although, both the DGN and the Oracle formats have a number of particulars, so you may want to consider translating your DGN files to shapefiles first, then translating the shapefiles into Oracle. I only suggest this because using shapefiles in the middle would allow you to isolate any DGN or Oracle-specific driver-complexities to one side of the equation at a time.

Take a look at this conversation between Loskot and Warmerdam for some additional insight.

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