I am struggling a bit moving from Leaflet to Mapbox. I have geojson with coordinates like [68100095, 100779149], which I am told are Mercator x/y coordinates at a zoom level of 20. This is how the data is stored.

In Leaflet, I could translate these coordinates to latitude and longitude using map.unproject([68100095, 100779149], 20, specifying the coordinates and then the zoom level. It works as intended.

In Mapbox, unproject does not allow you to specify a zoom level, and unprojects based on your current zoom level, which I cannot guarantee. My attempted solution is to use Proj4js and an NPM package called mercator-projection, which is meant to project mercator coordinates to latitude/longitude. My solution, which yields erratic results, is as follows:

function mercator_to_lnglat(x, y) {
    const SCALE_ADJUSTMENT = 564.248588    //Adjust for zoom level of 20

    let scaledPoint = [x/SCALE_ADJUSTMENT, y/SCALE_ADJUSTMENT]
    let projectedPoint = proj4("GOOGLE", "WGS84", scaledPoint)
    let latlng = merc.fromPointToLatLng({x: projectedPoint[0], y: projectedPoint[1]})

    return latlng

SCALE_ADJUSTMENT here is a magic number I got from this ArcGIS link that calculated an equivalent scaling factor for a zoom level of 20.

I'm no GIS expert, so I would be thrilled if anyone could point out what I'm doing incorrectly here.

  • This is helpful, and explains some of what I was seeing in the Leaflet source! I'll follow that lead when I get back to it. Aug 12 at 8:06
  • Got it! Thanks for your help. It was much simpler than I was making it, but I never would have got it without your explainer. If you would like to formulate your guidance as an answer, I would gladly accept and add my specific solution as a comment. (There is a package called coordinates2pixels that did the thinking, once you set me on the right path.) If I don't hear back after a day or so, I'll go ahead and answer myself. Aug 12 at 8:58

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If you are using map.project and map.unproject methods in Leaflet for projecting/unprojecting coordinates, these are not Mercator coordinates, but "pixel coordinates relative to the CRS origin", see https://leafletjs.com/reference.html#map-conversion-methods.

If you want to project/unproject Mercator coordinates in Leaflet, you have to use .project and .unproject methods of L.CRS.EPSG3857 projection, see https://leafletjs.com/reference.html#crs.


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