i have a table with two columns: one named index and the other is called tilenumber and the tilenumber is populated from the index column except that there is _ which needs to be removed from the column.

The index table has values like 2726BA_11 and the tilenumber should result in 2726BA11 but i seem not to know the way forward, to remove the space i have done the following:

select distinct replace (tilenumber,'_', '') from aug2012

and it shows that the result has been achieved but how do i incorporate the select distinct replace in the update statement which is

update set tilenumber="index"

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I'm not sure this is really the place for basic SQL, but I guess it is loosely related to GIS....

This is pretty basic stuff, you really need to read about SQL if you're trying to do anything in GIS with it:

update yourtable set tilenumber = replace(index,'_','')

I would start with the basics of SQL itself (e.g http://sqlzoo.net/ and then move onto the sqlite3 documentation (http://www.sqlite.org/lang.html) as that's a bit more esoteric.

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