I have a layer that I can edit with a mouse click on features in the map (dialog will open). Attribute fields can be edited via dropdown menu.

How can I display the currently saved value of a feature in the dropdown menu?

I made the Dialog with Qt Designer.

    def canvasPressEvent(self, event):

        found_features = self.identify(event.x(), event.y(), [self.layer], QgsMapToolIdentify.TopDownAll)
        self.layer.selectByIds([f.mFeature.id() for f in found_features], QgsVectorLayer.AddToSelection)
        mylayer = self.layer

        #get field index
        loadcategory= mylayer.fields().indexFromName('loadcategory')
        seg = mylayer.getSelectedFeatures()

        for j in seg:
            geom = j.geometry()
            # show value in fields

Here I stuck in following line:


            # show dialog frame
            result = self.dlg.exec_()   
            # See if "save" was pressed
            if result:
                # save process:
                self.dlg.loadcategory.itemData(j.setAttribute(loadcategory, self.dlg.loadcategory.currentText()))


How I can I replace .currentText() like for QLineEdit with .setText(j.attributes()[loadcategory])?

I think it is simple but I didn't found the right method in the documentation for QComboBox class yet.


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As commented by @Benw:

If your combo box is editable, you can just use setCurrentText() method. To also add it to the drop down list, use addItem() method first.

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