• Clip raster by a mask but remove area interior to the mask (instead of the default exterior area, when using clip raster by mask)

Details of Attempts:

  1. Clipping raster using the outer boundary as a mask is straightforward. I get the following output after the clipping

Clipped raster using outer boundary

In this case, the parts of the raster outside the boundary is removed, which is desired.

  1. Next step for me is to remove the area of the raster, which is the polygon shown in the figure below Inner boundary
  • Clip raster by mask cannot do this, it appears, to remove, by default, the area of the raster outside the mask.
  • I tried to combine the inner and outer (boundary) masks into a single mask. However, the problem is that there are overlapping points.
  • I tried to use Fix Geometries, but it doesn't seem to work. I have no way to prevent overlapping sections from occurring.
  • I tried using Check Validity, which yields no regions of valid output.
  • I tried using Buffer, from Vector Geometry

Other Related Information:

  • The raster is generated after running a TIN interpolation from a csv file containing latitude, longitude, and altitude
  • The mask is a polygon; points from a CSV file containing latitude, and longitude, are converted to lines (points to path), and subsequently, lines to polygon is used, to convert to a polygon


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