Using the new @alg decorator structure I am trying to populate a drop down with the fields (attributes in a table).

Using the code in https://docs.qgis.org/3.22/en/docs/user_manual/processing/scripts.html#the-alg-decorator

I have

@alg(name='searchupdatealg', label='Search and update (alg)',
     group='mgm', group_label='Example scripts')
# 'INPUT' is the recommended name for the main input parameter
@alg.input(type=alg.SOURCE, name='INPUT', label='Input vector layer')
@alg.input(type=alg.FIELD, name='Attrib', label='Attribute')
# 'OUTPUT' is the recommended name for the main output parameter

Looking at older code as in http://www.qgistutorials.com/fi_FI/_images/8b.png

It looks like we have to get the fields and put them into the list -but how is this done when we have @alg.input(type=alg.FIELD ...

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No need to put the fields into the parameter's combobox manually. Just add parentLayerParameterName='INPUT' to @alg decorator.

@alg.input(type=alg.SOURCE, name='INPUT', label='Input vector layer')
@alg.input(type=alg.FIELD, name='Attrib', label='Attribute',

There is no explanation about this in QGIS Processing Script Documentation. But the parameter name comes from the constructor method of QgsProcessingParameterField.

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