I'm having some trouble with the python code where i'm recieving this error as output line 382, in merge vt.addrow(input) RuntimeError: ERROR 999999: Error executing function.

meanwhile the python code related to that part is here;

def merge(in_fcs, out_merge="out_merge"): """ Returns the merge output of all input feature classes.

@in_fcs = list of input feature classes
@out_merge = output feature class
out_merge = get_featureclass_name(gp.workspace, out_merge)
fieldmappings = gp.createobject("FieldMappings")
vt = gp.createobject("ValueTable")  # table to hold inputs to merge
for input in in_fcs:
gp.merge(vt, out_merge, fieldmappings)  # run the merge tool
return out_merge

Anyone knows how can i deal with the merging problem?

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