I have a variable that is a function that returns an image collection of the monthly mode from google's dynamic world. This works great.

I'm attempting to use this while mapping over a feature collection. It works but the image collections returned appears to be empty. Image collection of unknown elements.


In the above code I'm printing out the initial variable then my attempt at mapping over the feature collection. I want to get the initial output for each feature in the feature collection.

Where am I going wrong?

In the example I have 3 features. Each feature should have 12 images (1 for each month). I can flatten the output and I do correctly get 36 images that appear as they should. I can add a property that associates each image with the feature using the feature id then later filter by that property. This works https://code.earthengine.google.com/a28fe8fb412d738605c4d4d13208bcee

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The issue with your code is that if you map a particular function to a ee.FeatureCollection, the expected output will be also be a ee.FeatureColletion. In this case, the intended output should be an ee.ImageCollection, instead. One trick to avoid this is to map over a ee.List which returns a ee.List which you can easily convert it to any type of object you desire.

// Try to do the same as above but by feature
var byFeature = function(index){
  // Select features one by one according to system:index
  var ft = geometry.filter(ee.Filter.eq('system:index',ee.String(index)))
  // Removed the ImageCollection.fromImages so everything is stored as elements of a list
  var byMonth = months.map(function (m) {
          return dwCol.filter(ee.Filter.calendarRange(m, m, 'month'))
                      .set('month', m)
  return byMonth;


// Get the system:index property as a list
var list = geometry.aggregate_array('system:index');

// Map over the system:index list
var all = list.map(byFeature);

// Flatten the list of lists into a list of images and convert to ImageCollection
var resul = ee.ImageCollection.fromImages(all.flatten());

// Add the first image to confirm that the output is correct
Map.addLayer(resul.first(), {}, 'first');

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