I can save a QGIS project within a GeoPackage, which is nice since it can include the data too. But can I start QGIS (from the command line, or otherwise on GUI systems) such that it gets the project from the GeoPackage?

qgis project.gpkg loads the layers, not the project (but includes the project database table as a non-geometry attribute table). qgis -p project.gpkg gives me a "Unable to open /home/user/project.gpkg" error. I can't see any other option or any other way of doing it, or any help via a google search.

If there isn't a way then I might distribute my project+data as separate .qgz and .gpkg files so the user can launch the .qgz file and get straight into it. I was wondering if there was a single file solution.

Am on QGIS 3.26.1, solutions for this or newer would be great.

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You can use the following syntax:

qgis -p geopackage:your.gpkg?projectName=your_project

I don't know where this is documented, I saw it in my recent projects list when opening QGIS: enter image description here

But there's also references to this syntax on this site:

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