I'm trying to create a new field in my attribute table that can assign a value to the polygon depending on how many layers of my buffers it intersects.

So i have a base layer called "properties" and other layers from which i have created different buffers "transport" "green areas" "city center"

In the "properties" layer I want to add a new field to the attribute table assigning a different value depending how many layers (buffers) the polygon intersects.

For example:

If the polygons in "properties" intersects or is contained just "transport" = 1

If the polygons in "properties" intersects or is contained "transport" and "green areas" = 2

If the polygons in "properties" intersects or is contained "Transport", "green areas" and "city center" = 3

If the polygons in "properties" does not intersect any buffer= 0

Any idea if this can be done? And if yes how can I do it? im quite new to QGIS and im still exploring and learning how all the expressions work.

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Use this expression in the properties layer to calculate the count of intersecting layers.

        -- list of layer names to evaluate if are intersecting "properties layer
            'green areas',
            'city center'

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